National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus
20 June 2019
Minsk 2019. Life of the Athletes Village prior to the competitions

The Athletes Village at the 2d European Games has been welcoming guests since June 17. On June 19, a special media tour was organized for the media representatives during which the journalists had a unique opportunity to visit the Village.

The Village can accommodate 7.000 people, however its capacity doesn’t have to be fully used. In the peak period it will house around 6.000 guests. They will have all the facilities needed for recreation, food, rest, training and leisure at their disposal.

It is worth mentioning that the territory of the Belarusian is the area of a particular interest. A wing of the 26-storey building which is covered with the brand banner with bright inscriptions "Belarus" and traditional ornaments appeals to everyone passing by or driving along Dzerzhinsky Avenue towards the Minsk ring road (MKAD) and in the opposite direction. Gigantic letters at the TEAMBY entrance leave no doubt – the Belarusian team lodges here. On June 18, the first teams settled in – 3x3 basketball, archery, boxing, table tennis and acrobatics teams – and stayed pleased with the conditions offered.

бренд 1.jpeg

Deputy chef de mission Dmitri Dovgalyonok shared some of the details of cuisine: "The Village has been functioning for 3 days already that’s why all the issues are settled now. After the Chefs de mission meeting turned out everyone was satisfied with the provided conditions. The athletes are content and the dining room is in full swing, it also serves halal food. The cafe of Belarusian cuisine is particularly enjoyed by the guests.


It is to be noted that everyone is used to the fact that in the first days it is necessary to solve some organizational problems, however the conditions here are such that this is not necessary – everything is already settled."

The boxer Dmitri Asanov, the Champion of the European Games 2015 in Baku, has already settled in and said that the home competitions are great sporting events since everything is already familiar – Belarusian cuisine, local hospitality, prompt resolution of the issues – it is everything one can only dream of at other competitions. However, it is also a great responsibility to live up to expectations of home country.


The Star Ambassador of the 2nd European Games, the Olympic Champion in fencing Alexander Romankov welcomes guests at the Village territory and radiates optimism. He wishes bright victories and assures that all the guests will enjoy the warm welcome and gracious hospitality whereas the athletes will have a chance to prove themselves and to give their sports career an important impetus.


It is impossible to spend half of the day in the Village without getting to know the national culture of the hosting country. The centre of the Belarusian culture is at the residents’ disposal. The residents of the Village can freely visit the The Belarusian Culture Center. Here the guests can get acquainted not only with the national clothes, music instruments and samples of folk handicrafts but also can try out pottery or sewing talismans and cute dolls.

It is particularly pleasant to continue the route of the national traditions in a cafe of the Belarusian cuisine. It is separately rendered to the limits of the common dining hall and it offers a narrowly national gastronomic range. The interior is its calling card, the cafe is stylized with carved tables and chairs, a photo zone with straw dolls and rushniks (Belarusian traditional embroidered towels). The menu is new every day, and in the evening time the terrace is the favorite spot.

бел кухня 1.jpeg

The main dining hall is a separate, specially erected structure, designed for 2.000 seats. The menu will include dishes of European, Belarusian and Asian cuisine, kosher meals, halal, grill and salad bar. The hall works around the clock. All the food supplies are subject to anti-doping and sanitary scrupulous testing.

Furthermore, the athletes will be able to enjoy the finest live music. The staff also intends to celebrate birthdays, small gifts are already in store for everyone.

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To maintain their physical fitness the athletes and administrative groups have a well-equipped gym and an athletic stadium at their disposal. While getting ready to the competitions, athletes can run circles there, as well as practice boxing. So as to relax they can throw a ball around with Lesik. The mascot is always happy and ready for any activities.

A huge gift shop offers the widest selection of branded products. Here one can find watches and wine glasses, clothes and stationery, soft toys, pillows, bags and bells with souvenir spoons, badges, magnets and wallets. The sellers assure that not a single athlete left the store without purchases. The most popular products are soft Lesiki, knitwear and magnets with sports. Everybody wants to buy something with his discipline. The stage where the nightly concerts are performed and the special alley with the all member countries flags have been set up in a separate square.


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