National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus
Ekaterina Karsten (Khodotovich)

Ekaterina Karsten was born on July 2, 1972 in the village of Osechino in Krupsk district of Minsk region.
She is an Honoured Master of Sport.
Double Olympic Champion.
Winner of the XXVI Olympic Games in Atlanta (USA) in 1996. Winner of the XXVII Olympic Games in Sydney (Australia) in 2000.
Silver Medalist of the XXVIII Olympic Games in Athens (Greece) in 2004.
Bronze Medalist of the XXV Olympic Games in Barcelona (Spain) in 1992. Bronze Medalist of the XXIX Olympic Games in Beijing (China) in 2008.
World Champion of 1997, 1999, 2005 and 2006.
Silver Medalist of the World Championship 1991, 1999, 2001 (in double boat) and 2004 (in four).
Bronze Medalist of the World Championship 2002 (in single boat) and 2003 (in four).
Holder of World Cup of 1997 and 2000.
Awarded with the Order titled "Sign of Honour" and Order of Fatherland of Third Degree.
Ekaterina’s first coach – Anatoly Kvjatkovskiy.

Only few people know that in the year of 1987 a real conflict between coaches of Minsk region took place. They disputed the right to train a talented girl from the small village of Minsk region. This girl was Ekaterina Khodotovich.

Her first team practice session took place in the town of Lida. Firstly she tried herself in a single boat.

But this experiment wasn’t success because of Kate’s poor skills to steer the boat.

-Soon after I heard,- tells the Olympic Champion, - how the coaches said that I won’t be a successful athlete. But these words only provoked me.

Then Kate devoted herself to trainings completely. She made 40-50 kilometers on her boat per day. Soon after eight boat with her participation became Bronze Medalist at the Republican Championship.

Later she began to perform in a single boat again. And this decision was right. Soon she won a race at the Juniour World Championship in France.

In the year of 1991 Kate in pair with the Olympic Champion of 1980 Helena Hlopceva won a race at the sport competition of the USSR. Soon after, when she was at the National Team of the USSR, she became Bronze Medalist at the World Championship in Austria in pair with Ukrainian athlete Sariya Zakikirova.

In 1992 Kate in double and four boat won the Championship of CIS for two times.

At the Olympic Games 1992 in Barcelona Helena Hlopceva, Ekaterina Khodotovich, Tatyana Ustyuzhanina and Antonina Zelikovich in four became Bronze Medalists. The athletes were the only Prize Winners among all the participants from CIS countries.

In the year of 1995 Ekaterina earned the right to perform at the Olympic Games in Atlanta.

In spite of great competition, Kate managed to win the Olympic race with the result of 7 minutes 32, 21 seconds. After this victory her coach Valery Gayduk said that she had a maximum pace among women in Rowing.

But it was only the beginning of Kate’s career. In 1997 she became the winner of all three stages of the World Cup and then she became a Champion of the World.

In July 1999 at the third stage of the World Cup in Canada she showed great results also.

There were complicated situation at the Olympic Games 2000. On the eve of the Games Kate caught a cold and she had to begin her final race with high temperature. But Ekaterina managed to win this race with 7.28,99. It was only one hundredth of a second more the result of Bulgarian athlete Rumyana Neykova.

At the next Olympic Games in Athens – 2004 Ekaterina Karsten became a Silver Medalist with the following result: 7.22,04.