National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus
8 January 2020
Lausanne 2020: Introducing the 3x3 Hockey Team

At the III Winter Youth Olympic Games in Lausanne, a three-on-three (3x3) ice hockey tournament will be held for the first time.

Four players will represent Belarus: Daniil Karpovich, Illia Korzun, Yan Shostak, Andrei Murashka (coach Dmitry Matsiukha). As noted in the Belarus Hockey Federation, the guys passed the selection and fulfilled the necessary standards.

The 3x3 tournament will be held in Lausanne at the Vaudoise Arena from 10 to 15 January, two sets of medals will be competed among boys and girls. Teams are made up of players of different nationalities.

Previously, the 3x3 hockey tournament was not held at the Winter Youth Olympic Games.

Hockey players

Даниил Карпович_1.jpg

Daniil Karpovich

Илья Корзун_1.jpg

Illia Korzun

Ян Шостак_1.jpg

 Yan Shostak

Андрей Мурашко_1.jpg

 Andrey Murashko


Матюха Дмитрий_1.jpg

Dmitry Matsiukha

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Press Service of the NOC  Belarus

Photo by NOC  Belarus