National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus
10 February 2020
Head coach: Belarusian archers aim to increase the number of Olympic licenses

After the national championship, head coach of the national team Ekaterina Timofeyeva said that the Belarusian archery are set to replenish the number of Olympic licenses in key competitions of the season.

Ekaterina Timofeyeva said: “If the women's team has a full set due to being in the top eight teams of the World Cup, then guys can win their passes to the Olympics at the May Continental Forum or at the World Cup in Berlin, which starts a month before the Games, which will be held with  July 24 to August 9. Based on the results of these competitions, they can also become the owners of a team license, but so far we are focusing on winning one pass in Tokyo 2020. If everything goes well, we can also play in the team mix,  which has also recently been included in the number of Olympic disciplines.”

Speaking about the candidacies of athletes who will go to win the right to speak at the main starts of the four-year anniversary in Tokyo, the archer coach noted that it was too early to make a guess.  Now, both young athletes and recognized leaders of the men's team are at approximately the same level of readiness.  And who in what form will approach the beginning of the European Championship or the World Cup in Berlin is hard to say.  Ahead are planned training camps in Belarus and Turkey, participation in a number of national and international tournaments.

Archery competitions at the 2020 Summer Olympics will be held from July 24 to August 1.  Five sets of awards (in team and personal starts for men and women, as well as in mixed doubles) will be played by 128 athletes.

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