Andrei Barbachinski

Sport: Handball

Born: 04 May 1970

Birthplace: Oshmyany, Grodno Region, Byelorussian SSR

Honors :

Honored Master of Sport of the USSR

Career highlights:

Gold, Olympic Games in Barcelona, 1992 as part of the CIS team

Gold, World Men's Junior Championship, 1989

Bronze, World Men's Handball Championship, 1991

Gold, USSR Men's Handball Championship, 1989

Silver, USSR Men's Handball Championship, 1990

Bronze, USSR Men's Handball Championship, 1991

Silver, the CIS Men's Handball Championship, 1992

Winner of the USSR Cup, 1989.


Andrey Barbashinsky was born on 4 May 1970 in Oshmyany, Grodno Region. The future champion started his career at the age of 12 in the sport school in Oshmyany under the guidance of coach Viktor Romulevich. He fully achieved his potential as an athlete in the SKA-Minsk handball club coached by renowned Spartak Mironovich. Andrey Barbashinsky played for this club from 1988 to 1995 with a one-year break, from 1993 to 1994, when the he played for the Spanish Juventud HC.

Andrey Barbashinsky became the Olympic champion in Barcelona 1992 as part of the CIS Unified Team.

After the Olympic Games Andrey Barbashinsky continued to play for SKA-Minsk for several years. Then he went abroad to play for the Hungarian Fotex, the German clubs Hameln and Emsdetten. Today Andrey Barbashinsky lives in Belarus and runs his own business – a company producing mattresses and orthopedic pillows.