The III Summer Youth Olympic Games were held from October 6 to October 18, 2018 in Buenos Aires (the Argentine Republic).

Competitions began on October 7th and ended on October 17th. For 11 days, young athletes from 206 countries challenged for medals in 32 sports of kind.

The opening and closing ceremonies were held on October 6 and 18, respectively.

3998 athletes took part in the Youth Olympic Games (1999 boys and 1999 girls).

Belarus was represented by 37 athletes who took part in 16 sports at the III Summer Youth Olympic Games. The biggest number of representatives was in the track and field athletics – 16 athletes.

Belarusian athletes won 9 medals in Buenos Aires. Two gold medals received the judoka Artsiom Kolasau. Anastasiya Shkurdai (swimming), Yelizaveta Dorts (shot put), Ivan Brynza (rowing) won silver medal for our team. The bronze medalists were Natallia Varakina (female wrestling), Krystsina Kantsavenka (pole vault), Anastasiya Shkurdai (swimming), Viktoryia Akhotnikava and Ilya Famenkoyu (team gymnastics tournament).