National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus

Sochi, the Russian Federation
07-23 february 2014

2 800 athletes from 88 countries participated in 15 disciplines of 7 sports for 98 medal sets.

Belarus was represented by 26 athletes (15 men and 11 women) in 5 sports disciplines.

Belarus scored 6 medals:

- gold *** - Darya Domracheva (Biathlon);

- gold - Anton Kushnir (Freestyle Skiing);

- gold - Alla Tsuper (Freestyle Skiing);

- bronze – Nadzeya Skardzina (Biathlon).

The host nation got first by number of gold medals in overall standings. Russian team won 33 medals total (13 gold, 11 silver, 9 bronze). Norwegian team hit second place - 26 medals (11-5-10), Canada ended the Olympiad third – 25 total (10-10-5).

For the first time in its history Belarus team placed 8th in medal standings.

26 countries conquered at least a medal.

The Sochi 2014 became 6th Winter Olympics for Belarus.

Solely 3 sports brought Olympic awards to Belarus: Biathlon (8 medals), Freestyle Skiing (6 medals), and Speed Skating (1 medal).

Three-time Olympic champion in Biathlon Darya Domracheva was honoured the title “Hero of Belarus”.

Cross country skier Sergei Dolidovich’s will for victory received high appraisals, though he did not scored any medals. He finished 5th in 50km Men.