National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus

Albertville, France
8–23 february 1992

The 1992 Albertville Olympic Games were the last Winter Games to be staged in the same year as the Summer Games. Only 18 of the 57 events were held in Albertville itself, while nearby resorts hosted the rest. Freestyle skiing and short-track speed skating made their debuts as medal disciplines, as did women's biathlon. Norwegian skiers won every cross country skiing race, as Bjorn Daehlie and Vegard Ulvang each won three gold medals. Speedskater Bonnie Blair won the 500m and 1,000m events, while Gunda Niemann took both of the longest races. At age 16, ski jumper Toni Nieminen became the youngest male winner of a Winter event. Alpine skier Petra Kronberger won both the combined event and the slalom. Ki-hoon Kim earned gold medals in both short track events.

64 NOCs (Nations)
1,801 athletes (488 women, 1,313 men)
57 events
8,647 volunteers
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