7 June 2024
Vytoki festival in Pruzhany: bright colors for the future

The first day of the sport and cultural festival Vytoki brought a lot of positive emotions to its participants and visitors.


The festival kicked off with the nationwide tourism campaign “Travel! Experience! Get Inspired!” Representatives of regional and national mass media, organizers visited the Palace of the Sapieha family in Ruzhany, which has been attracting tourists for many years. The huge two-storied cellars of the castle used to keep the state treasury of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the arsenal, state documents and the archive of the Sapieha family.




Visitors also got familiar with the possibilities of the Ruzhansky health resort and visited one of the most picturesque ecological trails of the forestry of the Beryoza District.

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BelBrandAudit Director Valentina Dynich said that every year the organizers do their best to bring something new to the festival, both in its cultural and sports parts:

Everyone can find something to do at Vytoki. We try to diversify the program and make it more interesting every time.


The old park of the town played host to the presentation of the book on gastronomic tourism of Pruzhany. The book was compiled by a team of authors - Natalia Prokopovich, Irina Goduiko and Aleksei Yarotov.

Attending the event were President of the National Olympic Committee of Belarus Viktor Lukashenko and Brest Oblast Governor Yuri Shuleiko.

The Pruzhanskaya Cookery book is a collection of authentic recipes of the district. The visitors of the Vytoki festival could taste the ancient dishes at the tasting event.


The the first day of the festival wrapped up with an interesting and memorable event.


The stART interactive event from the ArtHaos Gallery got a sport touch this year. Children and artists completed the design of the skatepark at the Mukhavets stadium in Pruzhany. The best young artists got prizes.


Lilia Lukashenko, the organizer of the stART art interactive, spoke about the original approach to the design of the new location.

“Our artists made this celebration together with the children. Taking into account the experience of the previous years, we took more materials, and they came in handy in Pruzhany today. More than 200 children took part in our interactive event,” she said.


The author of the interactive, artist Sergei Ashukha shared his impressions of working with children in Pruzhany.

“We are glad to have such a large number of participants. They have a desire to learn more about Belarusian ornaments. With our colleagues we wanted to rethink the motifs of traditional Belarusian ornaments with new realities: one of the pillars of our digital time is the pixel. We tried to convey these combinations in our work as well.


The first day ended with the screening of the sports film Poddubny.

The festival in Pruzhany also featured food courts and the Belarusian Brands exhibition and sale.

The festival Vytoki 2024 was organized by the National Olympic Committee of Belarus, the Federation of Trade Unions, Brest Oblast Executive Committee, ArtHaos and BelBrandAudit companies.

Press service of the NOC of Belarus
Photos by the NOC of Belarus