1 June 2023
Video project “Children’s questions to athletes” kicks off on 1 June

On International Children’s Day that is marked on 1 June the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus launched a much-loved video project “Children’s questions to athletes”. The project will explain the peculiarities of various sports and introduce children to a number of Belarusian athletes.

For reference:

The project will consist of a series of videos. In each video athletes will answer children’s questions about various sports in a humorous manner. Each video will be up to 10 minutes long. The video project will be running on the official social networks of the NOC of Belarus, on the air of the country’s leading state-owned TV channels and in public places.

The first athlete featured in the project is Belarus’ pole vault record holder Iryna Zhuk. She tells the audience about the beginnings of her career in athletics, the discipline she started with, fear of heights and much more. Iryna Zhuk will be one of the athletes who will take part in the further episodes of the project.