National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus
31 December 2020
The campaign "Our children" with NOC of Belarus: smiles, competitions and gifts

On December 29 famous Belarusian athletes and the management of the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus visited the social educational establishment "Children's Town of Leninsky district of Minsk" as part of the republican charity event "Our Children".

The event was attended by the first Vice-president of the NOC of Belarus — Viktor Lukashenko, Olympic champions in canoe sprint of Beijing-2008 — Aliaksandr and Andrei Bahdanovich, the champion of the Greco-Roman Wrestling Games of Seoul-1988 — Kamandar Madzhidov, the winner of the II European Games in the high jump — Maksim Nedasekau, the medalist of the World and European Championships in the long jump —Nastassia Mironchyk-Ivanova.

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Pupils of the Children's Town received from the guests as a gift sports equipment, household appliances that will be useful in their life, and, of course, sweets, fruits and stuffed toys — mascots of the national Olympic team TEAM BY.


Bright and exciting were sports events with the participation of children and guests who competed in various competitions: "Valenok", "Catch a snowball", "Take the prize", "Carousel" and others.

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In the center of attention were mascots Buslik and Bison, who actively supported all participants of the competitions.

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After the active sports part, the children invited athletes and representatives of the NOC of Belarus to take part in master classes on making various handicrafts. Together with the pupil of the Children’s Town, the guests painted a New Year's card, created a Christmas wreath and a symbol of the upcoming 2021 year – a Bull.

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During a friendly tea party with delicious homemade pastries, the children told about their impressions of the holiday and what they are waiting for in the coming year. 

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The First Vice-President of the NOC of Belarus, Viktor Lukashenko, thanked all the children for the wonderful mood, created at the holiday. “The outgoing year 2020 has shown us that the most important thing is health. To be healthy, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle: engage in physical activities and sports. In the New Year, everyone has their deepest desires and dreams. To make them come true, you need to go through a difficult path and do a lot for this, just like our great athletes who came to visit you. We congratulate you on the upcoming holiday. I wish you health, good mood and good luck next year," - said Viktor Lukashenko.

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Anna Bernatskaya sang a beautiful song for athletes. She is also actively involved in dancing. “It’s a fun and memorable holiday with lots of gifts. It's nice to see so many guests," - said Anya.

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"For me, the New Year was the most important holiday. Often on the eve of January 1, I made my biggest wish — to become an Olympic champion. And it came true. In life, you need to be able to tolerate. I wish you to overcome all difficulties. At our New Year's celebration, the guys showed how talented they are in art and sports. Well done!", - said Aliaksandr Bahdanovich.

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Olympic champion in freestyle wrestling, the chairman of the Belarusian Wrestling Federation, Kamandar Madzhidov, considers it necessary to pay more attention to children during the New Year and Christmas holidays. "We hope that we gave the children a real holiday and they liked the gifts. This is not the first time I take part in the campaign and every time I see how many talented children there are. Guys don't have to be alone, we can make their lives more comfortable. See how happy they are, how their eyes light up. We will always support the children," - Kamandar Madzhidov said.

 Among the pupils of the Children's Town there are children who have achieved success in sports.

Stanislav Pogotsky and Ilya Shumchik became students of the Belarusian State University of Physical Culture this year, they are studying at the Sports and Education Faculty of Sports Games and Martial Arts.

Stanislav Pogotsky is included in the MAPID volleyball team (the position is passer), and Ilya Shumchik is engaged in Greco-Roman wrestling.

“Before moving to the Children's Town, I lived in unfavorable conditions. Here I was taught to value family, showed that it can be united and friendly. In the Children’s Town I got everything I needed. It supports me very much in sports and studies. It helps in everyday life. The holiday today turned out to be memorable. Honestly, I'm surprised that everything is so bright and beautiful."

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One of the best athletes of Belarus, Maksim Nedasekau, noted the importance of such joint holidays for children and gave them his training spikes as a souvenir. "The guys are happy to talk with athletes, actively share their joys and plans. Such campaigns are also important for the children themselves. They see the leading athletes of the country, interested in how to achieve success in life. This all helps them very much to make their choice in life,” - said Maksim Nedasekau.

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"I couldn't leave the guys for a long time. They are all fellows, they know and do so much. I want to wish them great happiness, success and (home comfort) in every heart," - said Nastassia Mironchyk-Ivanova.

The pupil of the Children's town, Vova Snopko, wanted to see real athletes, champions and prize-winners of the Games. "My dream has come true. I talked to such famous athletes. We got a lot of gifts, we all really liked this holiday. We are waiting for you all to visit again!".

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 At the end of the holiday famous athletes and the management of the NOC left memorable notes in the book of honorary guests of the Children's Town.

The republican charity event "Our Children" is held in Belarus from December 10 to January 10. At this time, New Year's performances are organized in all regions of the country. The heads of republican state administration bodies, local executive and administrative bodies visit children's boarding establishments and family-type homes, hospitals, foster families, congratulate children on the New Year and Christmas, give gifts, help in solving existing problems. Public associations and other organizations join the charity event.

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