National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus
15 November 2021
Raubichi Sports Complex has opened a new season

In Raubichi the winter season has started!

Despite the absence of snow in early November and warm weather, the staff of the complex tried to make a ski "pillow" to prepare the nearest reserve in cross-country skiing and biathlon. Young athletes have been training on natural snow for several days.

Раубичи 3.jpg

"To prepare the route, we used reserves that were made in February and early March. Of course, the amount of snow has decreased over the summer, but it is enough for us to organize a 2 km long highway. Now a little more than 100 athletes are engaged in "Raubichi", it is convenient and comfortable for everyone," Leonid Karas, deputy director of the complex "Raubichi" said.

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Department of communications NOC Belarus