21 May 2024
Pruzhany to host Vytoki festival on 6-8 June

The sports and cultural festival Vytoki will be held in Pruzhany on 6-8 June.

This will be the 20th edition of the festival since its inception in 2021. This year it will be hosted by only one town, but it will be held in a new expanded format and will become even more spectacular, eventful and interesting. “Visitors to the festival will have more time to learn about the historical and cultural heritage of the town that has a 590-year history, folk crafts, local brands and famous natives of this interesting nook of Belarus,” the organizers said.


The festival will start with the national tourism campaign “Travel! Experience! Get Inspired”. Upon preliminary registration (on the websites vytoki.by, www.belarustourism.by, or via e-mail belbrandaudit@gmail.com or the link) visitors will be able to get a free pass to tourist sites of Pruzhany District.


The route “Pearl of Pruzhany District” will be presented. The role of historical and cultural heritage in the promotion of tourism, including culinary tourism, is to be discussed by a panel of experts and during the presentation of a book on culinary tourism.

The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus will be running an exposition and presentation in a local park for three days from 12:00 to 19:00. The exposition will highlight key developments of Belarusian scientists in various fields of the national economy.

On Thursday, 6 June, the ArtHaos gallery will hold an art interactive event that has gained popularity during previous seasons of the festival. This year it will be called stART. It will kick off at the Mukhavets Stadium at 18:00. Everyone will be able to join a team of Belarusian artists to complete decorating the site and slides for skating of the new multi-purpose roller skating skatepark.


The first day of the festival will wrap up with the screening of a film about sports at the Mukhavets Stadium at 20:00.
On the second day of the festival, 7 June, a sports and historical quest will be organized at various locations of the town. It will start at 15:00 (participants will gather at the Mukhavets Stadium). This will be a great opportunity to discover interesting and remarkable places of Pruzhany.


The roller skating skatepark will be presented during the official opening ceremony that will begin at 19:00. The program will end with an interactive theatrical performance “Judging a gentleman by his boots” (main stage of the Mukhavets Stadium, 20:00) that will include elements of Belarusian rituals, and a presentation of clothing collections from Belarusian designers and manufacturers.


The Mukhavets Stadium will be the central venue of the Vytoki festival on 8 June. The Vytoki Quiz will be held from 11:00 to 13:00. The quiz will be about the history of the Olympic movement and Belarusian sports. Taking part in it will be teams of educational institutions of Brest Oblast and anyone else.


Children under 14 years old will be able to take part in an Olympic quest (from 13:00 to 17:00). Interesting tasks in each sport will be prepared for children at 26 sports locations in the center of the Mukhavets Stadium. Children will be able to test their skills in rowing machines, ride a VR cycling track, do karate, judo, wrestling, gymnastics and other sports.

Experienced coaches, famous athletes, medalists of the Olympic Games, World and European championships will help young athletes complete the quest. The organizers have prepared gifts for participants. During the quest, participants will need to collect 18 gold, silver or bronze stamps. Those who will collect the largest number of stamps of the same color will get a prize: a smart watch (gold), a Bluetooth music speaker (silver), a power bank (bronze). Those who will complete all the tasks will be able to take part in a lottery and win a weekend tour to the Bug sanatorium for the whole family from the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus.


The “Games of Our Backyard” site will offer exciting and educational activities. Children will compete in such childhood games as “Rubber Band”, “Classics”, “Potato”, and slingshot shooting.
The festival will continue with the “Battle of Cover Songs” (main stage of the Mukhavets Stadium; 17:00-19:00). The music battle will feature hits from different years.


Belarusian pop stars will be headliners of the evening gala concert (main stage of the Mukhavets Stadium; 20:00).

The festival will culminate with a spectacular light and pyrotechnic show and a disco that will start at 23:00. Food courts and the Belarusian Brands stands will be running in Pruzhany during the festival.


The organizers of the Vytoki 2024 festival are the National Olympic Committee of Belarus, the Federation of Trade Unions, the Brest Oblast Executive Committee, ArtHaos and BelBrandAudit.