10 August 2023
President of Belarus’ NOC meets with Muay Thai athletes in Vitebsk

The Muay Thai tournament of the 2nd CIS Games is held in the Vitebsk amphitheater. It has turned out to be spectacular and attracted large crowds.

The world’s two strongest teams fielded strong squads. After the preliminary bouts, Viktor Lukashenko talked to Thai athletes from Belarus and Russia.

 “This is a courageous, spectacular and difficult sport. I really liked watching the fights in the ring. Those were interesting fights, and you can put up completion to the Thailand team. I congratulate everyone on reaching the decisive matches. Those who did not make it to the finals have great accomplishments ahead of them. In Vitebsk, both teams are well supported, and the tournament is very popular," Viktor Lukashenko said. “Only concerts were held in the Summer Amphitheater before. Now it is hosting a sporting event. It looks cool, and I think the finals will be interesting,” the president of the NOC said.

The head of the NOC of Belarus noted that the situation in the international sport is tense. However, such challenges are given for a reason. We are only getting stronger.

Viktor Lukashenko wished good luck to athletes and coaches and victories to the strongest!

The Russian athletes thanked for the warm welcome in Vitebsk and said they liked the idea of holding of the Muay Thai tournament in the amphitheater too. "You can feel the care at every step: from welcome at a railway station to accommodation to competitions," representatives of the Russian team said.

The Russian athletes said they are delighted with the Vitebsk audiences that chant: "Russia!" to every Russian participant on the ring, and admitted that they missed it.

"They support all countries, they love sport and this is the most important thing. There is an interest, excitement, and I hope that the fights are as emotional," the Russian athletes emphasized.

Press department of the NOC Belarus
Photos by NOC Belarus