18 May 2024
Olympic champions donate medals to museum of Belarus’ NOC
During the Night at the Olympic Museum event, champions of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games Alla Tsuper and Anton Kushnir donated their prestigious medals to the museum.

Ночь в музее 30.JPG

The museum of the NOC of Belarus received unique exhibits: now it has one of the best collections of medals from the most successful Olympic Games for Belarus.

“This is the first time I am taking part in the event. I have really enjoyed talking to visitors today; we have great, loyal fans. I decided to use this occasion to donate my Sochi Olympic medal to the Olympic Museum. I did it with pleasure, I want our fans to come and recall the achievements of our athletes,” said Alla Tsuper.

Along with the Sochi Olympic gold medal Anton Kushnir also donated another unique item - the 2009/2010 World Cup Men's Crystal Globe.

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“Of course, such events are important. I liked it very much. I had a great time. It offers a good opportunity to communicate, share your memories, talk about the path to victory. Let our medals remind all museum visitors of the glorious moments in the history of national sports,” said Anton Kushnir. The renowned champions had an engaged conversation with visitors and fans.

Press service of the NOC of Belarus
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