14 May 2023
Decree on organizing 2nd CIS Games in Belarus signed

Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has signed decree No.134 on preparing and hosting the 2nd CIS Games in 2023.

The competitions will take place in 11 cities of Belarus in 20 kinds of sport on 5-13 August. The decree introduced a number of preferences and privileges for participants of the 2nd CIS Games and volunteers. Those include visa-free entry to Belarus, no need for registration inside the country, free travels by public transport, exemption from income tax as large as the cost of freely available meals, accommodation, material support, technical support, transport support, and other kinds of support.

In order to stimulate the involvement of extrabudgetary sources of funding, sponsors of the 2nd CIS Games are allowed to include sums of rendered aid into non-operational expenses.

The measures the decree stipulates will enable quality preparations for and actual competitions in addition to optimizing the spending of budget funds and external funds.