National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus
6 April 2020

Belarusian athletes, using hashtags #StayStrong, #StayActive, #StayHealthy in their publications – express solidarity, and support to all those who stay at home in isolation.

The hashtag #StayActive is recommended for athletes who showcase their home workouts on social media and talk about how to keep fit during these changes in real time.

With the #StayHealthy hashtag, athletes invite people to take the necessary measures to stay healthy – prevention, hand washing, social distance, etc.

The #StayStrong social media campaign will be one of the main events of the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP) on April 6.

    NOC  Belarus Press Department

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Если у вас дома нет тренажеров, используйте членов семьи. Дети разного возраста, это как штанги разного веса)) #StayStrong #StayActive #StayHealthy #NOCBelarus @olympics @olympicchannel @olympicteamby @6directionstm

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