20 December 2022
Belarus’ NOC Executive Board meets to review year 2022

The Executive Board of the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Belarus held a meeting at its headquarters in Minsk on 20 December.

The main items on the agenda of the meeting included the NOC's activities in 2022 and the working plan for 2023. The Board reviewed a report on the activities of the standing commissions of the National Olympic Committee of Belarus and approved a list of programs to support the federations (unions and associations) by type (types) of sport for the next year.

The Executive Board also reviewed the performance of the Belarusian Olympic Academy, Lebyazhy Park and Olimpiysky sport and wellness center.

The NOC Executive Board extended temporary recognition to seven public associations: Belarusian Federation of Fire and Rescue Sports, Federation of Equipment and Classic Powerlifting, Belarusian Draughts Federation, Belarusian Federation of American Football, Belarusian Federation of Pankration and Mixed Martial Arts, and also decided to withdraw temporary recognition from the Ball Hockey Federation and the Flying Disc Federation.

The Executive Board considered a number of other issues related to the activities of the NOC of Belarus and its structural subdivisions.

Press service of the NОC of Belarus
Photos by the NOC of Belarus