29 November 2022
Viktor Lukashenko sends birthday greetings to Vladimir Bazanov

Viktor Lukashenko, President of the National Olympic Committee of Belarus, has sent greetings to Chairman of the Association "Belarusian Football Federation" Vladimir Bazanov to congratulate him on the 65th birthday!

"Since taking the helm at the Belarusian Football Federation, you have proved to be an enthusiastic and responsible professional, devoting a lot of effort and energy to the organization of the work process of the federation. Your rich life experience helps you achieve your goals and serves as an example for the younger generation of football players. I am sure that you will continue to successfully solve the tasks facing the head of the federation of one of the most popular and spectacular sports," the message of greetings reads.

The head of the NOC of Belarus wished Vladimir Bazanov good health, prosperity, reliable like-minded people and new amazing achievements in life.