5 December 2022
Viktor Lukashenko extends birthday greetings to Georgy Sviridenko
President of the NOC of Belarus Viktor Lukashenko sent greetings to Georgy Sviridenko, the Olympic handball champion of Seoul 1988, to congratulate him on the 60th birthday.
From the youth age Georgy Sviridenko was known for out-of-the-box thinking, endurance and making right decisions, Viktor Lukashenko noted. "Talent and hard work helped you to make to the main roster of SKA Minsk, which was not easy in Soviet times. The main award for you was the Olympic gold medal of the Games in Seoul 1988 The invaluable contribution of your mother, who raised two Olympic champions in different sports, is also worth noting,” the message of greetings read.

Viktor Lukashenko wished Georgy Sviridenko good health, success, new heights, prosperity and good spirits!