7 April 2022
The NOC Belarus organized a challenge on World Health Day

On World Health Day (April 7) the National Olympic Committee of Belarus announces the challenge #repeatafterchampion on the official Instagram page – @olympicteamby.

Famous Belarusian athletes will show their favorite exercises, which our users will have to repeat and publish on their pages. The campaign will last until June 23 - International Olympic Day. Join us!

The conditions are simple: repeat the exercises after famous athletes, post your videos with the hashtag #repeat champion and be together with TEAM BY!

Biathletes Anton Smolski and Dzinara Alimbekava are the first to offer an excellent home training option for everyone who wants to keep themselves in great shape.

For reference:

In 1948, the participants of the first session of the World Health Assembly called for the establishment of World Health Day to commemorate the creation of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Since 1950 World Health Day is celebrated every year on April 7, and it is dedicated to various topics.

The theme of the World Health Day in 2022 is "Our planet, our health".

Press department of NOC Belarus