16 September 2022
Russia, Belarus plan to hold big forum for athletes

Russia and Belarus are planning to hold big forum for athletes, Chairwoman of the Athletes’ Commission of the Russian Olympic Committee Sofya Velikaya said at the meeting in Moscow.

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The meeting with the participation of athletes of the Belarusian NOC ended on Friday in the ROC headquarters.

"Together with our colleagues from the NOC of Belarus, we discussed the current situation in international sport, talked over further interaction and events that need to be planned in the future. We have an idea to organize a forum for Russian and Belarusian athletes," Sofya Velikaya said.


"We are monitoring the situation together and see that we are concerned about one and the same issues. Together we are thinking about how to make the work of our commissions more interesting and productive” added Aliaksandr Bahdanovich, Chairman of the Athletes’ Commission of the NOC of Belarus. “We are living through the time of injustice when our athletes are seen as some kind of outcasts. This is very bad. Therefore we meet to show that we are together and to stand against discrimination together.”

Belarusian athletes also toured the innovation center of the Russian Olympic Committee and tried their hand at unique simulators.

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The joint meeting in Moscow will end with workshops for young athletes.

Press service of NOC of Belarus

Photos courtesy of ROC