16 May 2024
NOC sees no obstacles to Belarus’ participation in 2024 Paris Games

The National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Belarus is not against the participation of Belarusian athletes in the 2024 Olympic Games under the current conditions, NOC President Viktor Lukashenko said at the National Athletes Forum on 16 May.

“At the moment we see no obstacles to the participation of Belarusian athletes in the Olympic Games. It is up to the athletes to decide - if they feel they are ready to perform, they can do it. It is a pity that the athletes will not perform under the national symbols, but they are Belarusians, and they will still sing the anthem in their heads and imagine their flag raised,” Viktor Lukashenko said. “As of today, we have won about 30 Olympic licenses. This was our plan, but perhaps we will earn some more. We are generally satisfied with the qualifying period, but there is no limit to perfection. The athletes who have earned Olympic berths have every great prospects of winning medals. We are not making plans, but we are optimistic about the future.”

The NOC president emphasized the importance of the National Athletes Forum, which kicked off in Minsk on 16 May.