18 May 2023
Night at the Olympic Museum: Awards and great mood

On 18 May the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus hosted the Night of Museums event as part of the international cultural and educational camapign.

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This year, the event is special for the NOC of Belarus as the exposition in its headquarters has been updated with the unique photographs of athletes' performances, rare awards and exhibits.
The NOC of Belarus hosted more than 300 visitors who came to learn more about the history of Belarusian sports, the achievements of Belarusian athletes, to see the unique exhibits and test their abilities in various sports. They received autographs and took photos with champions and prize-winners of the Olympic Games and various international competitions: Yauheni Karaliok (track cycling), Dzinara and Anton Smolskis (biathlon), Alina Harnasko and Anastasia Salos (rhythmic gymnastics).
The first to talk to visitors was two-time world champion in track cycling Yauheni Karaliok. The guys asked him about how to become a world champion, whether it hurt to fall off the bike, whether he was pushed during a race.

“This is the first time I was invited to take part in such an event. I was excited to see the exhibits and awards of our decorated athletes, and to talk to visitors. Among them there were many who are well versed in sports. I gifted a T-shirt of the world champion to the exposition. I hope it will be of interest to visitors to the exposition at the NOC of Belarus," Yauheni Karaliok said.
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Dzinara and Anton Smolskis shared their impressions. They said that they often linger at the stands of the exposition as they come to the NOC of Belarus and brought their dearest awards for the exhibition.

Famous Belarusian gymnasts Alina Harnasko and Anastasia Salos spoke about their achievements during the Night at the Olympic Museum event. The bronze medalist of the Tokyo Olympics was asked many questions about her Olympic success.
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"Today, I got overwhelmed a bit talking about my award, about the achievements of Lyuba Cherkashina, Ksenia Sankovich. It was very unusual," Alina Harnasko noted.
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"We had a wonderful time, had a very warm conversation," Anastasia Salos said. "The guys asked simple but interesting questions.”

"It's a cool event, I want to know more about the life of athletes, learn about the champions of past years and perhaps get charged with their energy that will help us develop and achieve as many goals as possible," said Margarita Sirel, a student of the technopark.
“The National Children's Technopark is a regular active participant. The guys really wanted to meet with eminent athletes, everyone was happy. The children loved it," said Diana Voronova, a teacher at the technopark.
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“I visited the NOC of Belarus in 2018 for the firs time. Now I am studying to be a philologist and I am always interested in exhibits from biathletes, winter sports, gymnasts. This event is a great opportunity to talk to athletes and learn something new," student Olga Akunets noted.

The excursion to the NOC attracted people of various interests and professions: students of various educational institutions of Minsk, a large delegation of children from the children's robotics technopark, teachers, PT teachers, university students and representatives of other industries.

Press service of the NOC of Belarus

Photo by NOC of Belarus