26 June 2019
Minsk 2019. Maryna Litvinchuk and Volha Khudzenka secure gold in canoe sprint at 2nd European Games!

The women took the lead from the first meters and were out of the reach until the finish line. Their winning time is 1.40,888. The top three was closed by the Hungarian athletes (1.42,526) and the Russian athletes (1.43,348).

Maryna Litvinchuk: «We don’t really believe we won. It’s the first time we outperformed the Hungarian athletes. We were determined to win and trained a lot. Sometimes we even did more than our trainer told us to. We knew that the tournament would be held on the home ground and knew that it would be very difficult for us.»

Volha Khudzenka: «You can’t even imagine what happened to us when we arrived at the canal. We stood there with our moths open. I’ve never seen such organization and support. And I’m very grateful for the organization of the tournament. Honestly, everything here is better than it was in Rio. We’ve been to many places and we have a lot to compare with. We worked a lot for that tournament. So, attitude defines the results. I’m thankful to my family and fans for the incredible support!»

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Congratulations to the athletes and the Belarusian canoe team!

Press Service of the NOC Belarus

Photos: Sergei Neverkevich