National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus
23 June 2020
Charity and sport online: A1 and NOC Belarus launch the help campaign for children

This summer all Belarusians can take part in the charity by simply doing the beloved physical activity individually. On 23 June, the International Olympic Day, A1 company together with the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus launches the biggest online summer event: “100 hours with A1: supporting TEAM BY!”.

Этим летом все белорусы могут принять участие в благотворительности, просто занимаясь любимым делом индивидуально. 23 июня, в Международный олимпийский день, компания A1 совместно с Национальным олимпийским комитетом Республики Беларусь запускает крупнейшее летнее онлайн-событие: «100 часов с A1: поддержка TEAM BY!».

Running, walking, swimming and cycling – four activities to choose from that everyone can do, and the result of training will be a real help for children. There are four activities that you can choose and easily do – running, walking, swimming, and cycling – so the training results will become a real help for children.

The charity event will last for exactly 50 days: starting from June 23 to August 11, 2020 inclusive. Each participant will be challenged to the task of 100 hours of physical activity in 50 days participating in any of the four types proposed. By reaching the goal of 50,000 hours on the total campaign counter, the participants will help the Republican clinical center for palliative care for children to receive financial assistance of 50,000 Belarusian rubles from A1.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the epidemiological situation postponed the XXXII Olympic Games in Tokyo to the next year so a lot of plans made by athletes and sports fans have changed. The support for the TEAM BY, the National Olympic athletes’ team, is still needed and important as crucial tournaments have been postponed for a year. At the same time, many famous Belarusian athletes have already supported the charity event.

"100 hours with" – a program that allows you to record your training data, as well as find like-minded people using a virtual platform 100.А The site has Belarusian and Russian versions. Throughout the charity event, participants stay online and engage in physical activities individually still united by the same goal – charitable assistance to children as each hour of their training will be added to the total campaign counter.

The current National Olympic team athletes became the participants of the event "100 hours with A1: support TEAM BY!": Anastasia Shkurday, the 2019 European swimming competition champion, Yevgeny Korolek, the 2020 World track cycling champion, Dmitry Dubin, the 2019 European Cup silver medalist in race walking, and Olga Mazurenok, the 2018 European marathon champion.

Experienced athletes’ training, online challenges, streams of famous athletes – this all will be provided on each stage of the "100 hours with A1 (Belarussian 100 gadzin z A1)" At the end of the initiative, the overall and separate results in each category will be summed up. The Champions who achieve the highest training hours mark in each of the 4 disciplines will receive sets of medals, and the overall winner will receive the Cup. For taking part or finding out more about the event go to the website