National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus
13 February 2020
Call on Team Belarus to rule out even unintentional use of doping

Doping by Belarusian athletes, even unintentional one, should be ruled out, Belarus Deputy Prime Minister Igor Petrishenko said as he addressed a board meeting of the Belarusian Sport and Tourism Ministry on 13 February.

Belarus has set up all the conditions for athletes to train for the Olympic Games, the vice premier said. Now everything depends on the Olympians. The task of psychologists, coaches is to convey the following message to the athletes: they go to the Olympics not to confirm their best result but to show a super-result, to win, he said.

“But not through doping. Anyone involved in the training of athletes should understand that doping is not only about their personal responsibility. Each such case is a blow to the image of the state on the international sports arena, which is very difficult to restore,” the vice premier said. He set a task to strengthen the control, personal responsibility of athletes, coaches, each member of the team and ensure a 100% exclusion of doping, including unintentional use.