29 April 2022
BRAVE CF president: We are not suspending Belarusian athletes from competitions

We are not suspending Belarusian athletes from competitions, Mohammed Shahid, President of the BRAVE Combat Federation, Advisor to the Prince of Bahrain, said as he addressed the conference on sports marketing hosted by the NOC of Belarus via video link.

Our vision is unity through sport. This is the main mission of sport: to unite, not divide. In our federation, we never divide athletes by skin color or nationality. Even today, from the point of view of marketing, there are fighters who are well spoken, who can attract public attention and there are those who do not know how to do this. However, for us, this is not a reason to differentiate as well. Because it's kind of discrimination too.

I would like to repeat that the main value of our organization is to promote unity of peoples through sport. I call on all other organizations to adhere to these principles, to stay together, to unite, and not  divide or call for conflicts through sport. Our federation held competitions in Belarus, and your athletes took part in our tournaments. The younger generation wants to see how athletes act in the spirit of Fair Play, shake hands and hug after the fight.

If there is a tendency towards dividing, then we at BRAVE CF stand for uniting. We do not exclude athletes from several countries. We held one of the best tournaments in Belarus, and unity and friendship remain our main goal. We are not going to deviate from these principles, Mohammed Shahid said during the conference.