31 January 2023
Belarus’ NOC President congratulated Andrzej Krasnicki on his birthday
The President of Belarus’ National Olympic Committee, Viktor Lukashenko, has congratulated the Head of the Polish Olympic Committee, Andrzej Krasnitsky, on his birthday.
Viktor Lukashenko noted that Andrzej Krasnicki is making a huge contribution to the development of European and world sports.
“You are an active participant in many processes that influence the development of the Olympic movement. I am sure that, despite the difficulties and limitations that now accompany world sport, the Olympic committees of Belarus and Poland remain partners and will continue to co-operate and implement joint projects in the future. I believe that our full mutual understanding will further serve the preservation of Olympic ideals and values," the congratulatory message reads.
The President of Belarus’ National Olympic Committee wished Andrzej Krasnicki good health, prosperity, inexhaustible energy and success for the benefit of the development of the Polish Olympic movement.