28 November 2023
Belarus NOC medical and anti-doping commission convenes for meeting

The medical and anti-doping commission at the NOC of Belarus convened for a meeting at the headquarters of the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus.
Ирина Малеваная
Head of the NOC medical and anti-doping commission, Director of the National Research Center for Sports Irina Malevanaya reported on medical support of the sports delegation of the Republic of Belarus during the 2nd CIS Games in 2023, and on participation in medical seminars within the framework of the Vytoki cultural and sports festival.
Комиссия 3.JPG
Special attention was paid to cooperation with the Children of Asia Games International Committee and the conduct of an educational seminar for athletes, coaches and doctors of national teams in 2024.
Денис Мужухин
The commission heard a report by Director of the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) Denis Muzhzhukhin on the implementation of the anti-doping program in physical culture and sports of the Republic of Belarus in 2023 and on anti-doping activities during the 2nd CIS Games in 2023.
Комиссия 2.JPG
The commission summed up the results of work for 2023 and approved the work plan for 2024.

For reference: The medical and anti-doping commission at the NOC of Belarus develops proposals on protection of athletes’ health and compliance with sports and medical ethics, formulates a general medical and anti-doping policy and expands cooperation with medical commissions of the International Olympic Committee and the European Olympic Committees.

Press service of the NOC of Belarus
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