National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus
19 July 2019
Baku-2019. NOC of Belarus passed off sport delegation for the summer EYUOF-2019

On Friday evening on July 19, the Belarusian National Olympic Committee escorted the Belarusian sport delegation to the 15th summer European Youth Olympic Festival in Baku. The most numerous team of all the time participated in the festival -102 athletes listened and promised to justify high confidence.

At the solemn ceremony took part not only athletes, but also coaches, administrative staff, doctors, representatives of the federations. , The first vice-president of the NOC of Belarus Viktor Lukashenko motivated young athletes to successful performances.: “Tomorrow you will go to the European Youth Olympic Festival. You have adequately selected, become the best in your age category. I am sure that you will adequately represent our country at this serious international forum. At the festival you will meet with friends from different countries, get acquainted with the Olympic values ​​and ideals. This experience will be useful in your life in any case. It is not for nothing that we named your names in the Hall of Olympic Glory, among the portraits of famous Belarusian athletes. I hope you will be imbued with the Olympic spirit and become worthy heirs of the Belarusian sports history. I wish you to go to Baku, determined to fight, to fully surrender to the spirit of rivalry and return home with the winners' mood. And we will cheer for you and look forward to ".


Also, young sportsmen were greeted by the Minister of Sports and Tourism Sergey Kovalchuk: “Congratulations on this event - not every athlete is honored to participate in such competitions. You have a high honor. I want you to show your best qualities in Baku, as our athletes did at the І European Games four years ago in Baku and a few weeks ago at the II European Games in Minsk. You have done a great job, so you need to show the result. You are our pride! Baku is a happy city for Belarusian athletes, where you can always count on support. ”


Among the guests were the triple medalist of the Olympic Games, swimmer Alexander Gerasimenya, European Games champions Vasilisa Marzalyuk (women’s fight) and Marina Slutskaya (judo), a former volleyball player and now the head coach of the youth team Oleg Mikanovich. They recalled their first sports experience and wished the main thing in sports life: endless luck, self-confidence and victories. And Marina noted that participation in the EYOF was a kind of springboard for her career.


Those who wanted to support young colleagues, but could not come, recorded a video message. The athlete Elvira Herman, cyclist Yevgeny Korolek and kayaker Marina Litvinchuk, Olga Khudenko, Nadezhda Popok and Margarita Makhneva addressed the participants of Baku-2019 from the screen. Elvira noted that participation in the summer EYUOF not only brought her satisfaction from the performances, but also gave a start in life.


Vladislav Babkevich the diagonal national volleyball team (U-18) was chosen as the capitan of the national team. Vlad kept his word on behalf of the athletes: “I’m sure each of us feels the support of the whole country. It gives confidence in our abilities. We will try to show good results at the international level and to represent our country adequately! ”


Coincidentally, July 19 is the birthday of one of the participants of the athlete Stepan Chishankov (100 m). The Stepan was congratulated by the team, and Viktor Lukashenko presented him with a gift.

The team will go to Baku on a charter flight from Minsk National Airport in the morning of July 20.

Belarusian athletes in Baku will take part in eight sports. The first will come in the wrestlers of free and Greco-Roman styles and tennis players - their competition will start on July 21.