National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus
17 March 2020
Republican Drawing Contest 2020: “The Olympic Flame lights the Hearts” is announced by the NOC Belarus

All works will be dedicated to the theme of the past II European games 2019 and the upcoming XXXII summer Olympic games in Tokyo.

This drawing contest was held earlier and received a lot of positive feedback from participants. The special feature of the contest is the social orientation and involvement of various categories of children.

The main theme is "Spectacular sporting events".

The aim of the contest is to introduce the children and young people to the ideals and values of the Olympic movement.

The drawing contest “The Olympic Flame lights the Hearts” will be held in the following categories:

The age of 12-16

1.     "Fire of hope" (orphans and children without parental care);

2.     "Fire of inspiration" (physically challenged children);

3.     "Fire of unity" (secondary school students);

The age of 11-17

4.     "Fire of friendship" (children of special educational institutions).

Summurizing of the drawing contest as well as awards of winners will be held in June 2020.

NOC  Belarus Press Department