National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus
6 April 2020
APRIL 6: International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

It was indeed on 23 August 2013, that the sixty-seventh session of the UN General Assembly decided to proclaim 6 April a special day for Peace and Sport, with reference to the Declaration of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and sport’s role for social progress, where it is further acknowledged that “Sport is also an important enabler of sustainable development. We recognize the growing contribution of sport to the realization of development and peace in its promotion of tolerance and respect and the contributions it makes to the empowerment of women and young people, individuals and communities as well as to health, education and social inclusion objectives.”

The International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP) is an annual celebration of the power of sport to drive social change, community development and to foster peace and understanding.

Sport, as a tool for education, development and peace, promotes cooperation, solidarity, tolerance, understanding and social integration at the local, national and international levels. Its intrinsic values, such as team spirit, integrity, discipline, respect for the opponent and the rules of the game, are accepted around the world and can be used to promote solidarity, social cohesion, and peaceful coexistence.

The United Nations invites all States, organizations of the United Nations system, and in particular the United Nations Office for sport for development and peace, as well as international, regional and national sports organizations, civil society, including non-governmental organizations and the private sector, and all other stakeholders to celebrate and promote awareness of the international day of sport for development and peace.

In 2020, the global community is undoubtedly facing a unique challenge from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and the sport and development community is no exception. While sport has great power to bring people together, this same quality is exactly why the global sports community has been particularly affected by the necessary health measures imposed in countries around the world.

Despite this challenge, IDSDP remains a great opportunity for the sport and development community to showcase the ways sport has been helping countries, communities and individuals to live peaceful, prosperous lives.

By joining the #BeActive campaign, the IOC is showing the unity and solidarity of the sporting community with the rest of the world. Olympic athletes around the world have already shared some creative ideas and tips on how to stay fit and healthy on the IOC social media channels. Everyone is encouraged to follow their example by staying active and posting their home training on their social media channels using the hashtags #BeActive, #StayStrong, #StayHealthy and #StayActive.

IOC President joins olympic athletes and fans in call to stay active.

Sport and physical activity are essential to stay fit and healthy, especially in this time of uncertainty and social distancing. Physical activity improves mental health, helps beat negative thoughts, lowers stress and depression, and strengthens the immune system.

Belarusian athletes also did not stay away from the action.

NOC  Belarus Press Department