National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus
14 May 2020
A new type of exposition at the Olympic museum

May 18th is an annually celebrated International Museum Day. NOC Belarus will introduce a new interactive form of exhibition this year.

The exhibition will take place on the official pages of the Olympic museum on social networks Instagram, Facebook, Vkontakte. With the item itself, you will find a story of the person or event related to it.

You can visit the NOC museum from home or your office. You need to go to the and find the corresponding page:


“Long Night of Museums” event (also referred to as “Museum Night”) took place in Berlin in 1997 and was picked up by many other major European cities. Usually museums remain open all night on May, 18. NOC Belarus joined the event 2 years ago. In 2019, many people came to NOC Belarus headquarters to see unique exhibits and participate at the Olympic Museum Night. A lot of famous Belarusian sportsmen, as well as Olympic champions and medalists became tour guides.

In 2019, more than 3400 people have visited the museum. The visitor were from different parts of society (students, workers, officials from Poland, China, Egypt, Germany, Ukraine and other countries).  

The Olympic museum is consistently replenished. For example in 2019, 60 objects were added to the collection. Most of them related to the 2nd European Games.


NOC Belarus Press Department