National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus
13 February 2018
Belarusian delegation clear of norovirus - Henadzi Zaharodny

Today, on 13 February, heads of national medical groups in PyeongChang and the IOC representatives held an ordinary working session.

In the course of the meeting it was declared South Korea’s health care system takes measures to stop the Norwalk virus. According to Henadzi Zaharodny, the head of Belarus’ medical mission, the disease is endemic, i.e. one person in a group is enough to pass on the virus to others. This virus have existed for 50 years and is known as “the virus of snow mountains”.

“The virus is passed on through a contact with an agent. The Belarusian delegation stay clear of the Norwalk virus. Everyone is aware of hygienic standards to minimize risks of virus infection. Sanitizers are installed in all the corners of the village, including athletes’ food courts”, comments Henadzi Zaharodny.

Besides, the organisers of the Olympic Games 2018 take relevant measures to tackle the virus. For example, the volunteers are not allowed to visit the Olympic Village for two days.

Current situation
- 199 confirmed cases of Norovirus (01 Feb - 13 Feb)
- 5 new cases (13 Feb)
- Of the 5, 1 is at the Horeb Youth Centre, 2 are in PyeongChang, and 2 are in Gangneung
- 154 of the 199 have been released from quarantine and have returned to work; 45 remain in quarantine